Join us on October 24 in Saint Andrews, NB!
Growing Together: Scaling up while Increasing Retention

What’s in the name?

Following the New Conversations tour to 15 communities across the province, NBMC published the post-tour report including recommendations for all levels of government. The cornerstone recommendation of the report was that New Brunswick should set a target for annual immigration levels equal to 1% of its population - that is, approximately 7500 newcomers per year. This approach has been encouraged by many experts across the country and has even been adopted by the Government of Canada, which aims to reach nearly 1% annual immigration levels by 2021 (i.e. 350,000 newcomers per year).

The 2019 Growing Together conference will unpack the opportunities and obstacles to growing our population by up to 10% over the next 10 years through immigration, while simultaneously increasing the retention rates of newcomers to the province.

What will be discussed?

The conference will include keynotes speakers, themed panels and discussions, and action planning. Conference attendees will hear from multiple experts on how our Healthcare, Housing, Education, and Employment systems will be impacted by welcoming up to 75,000 people over the coming decade, and what we can do to prepare and better support newcomers arriving in our province.

Who should attend?

If you are working in Healthcare, Education, Employment Supports, or Housing we want you at the table. As always, the conference will involve settlement professionals working with newcomers, various provincial and federal policy makers, public service providers, academics, community organizations and municipal representatives. The task of growing New Brunswick’s population by 10% over the coming 10 years will require a collective effort.